Network related products

The MELSEC network – launching a network industrial revolution. MELSEC responds to the new demands of the industrial network and optimizes the entire system by providing the services needed at production sites such as high-speed control, large-volume data control, flexible wiring, simple startup and maintenance.


Ethernet-based open integrated network enabling seamless communication between the IT system and shop floor.

CC-Link IE Control

This controller-to-controller network enables high-speed communication and high-volume data transmission, with seamless communication not interrupted by layers.

CC-Link IE Field

This high-speed field network extends from I/O to controller based architecture and offers a flexible wiring concept to match the needs of any device layout.


This high-speed field network is capable of control and information handling.


This high level network connects departments throughout the factory.


This high performance fiber optic motion and servo control network offers electrical noise immunity, long distance communication and high speed all in one network.

PC interface board

Interface board for directly embedding CC-Link IE or CC-Link into a personal computer.

Other network

A variety of other networks to suit your system configuration is also available.

Slice I/O

NZ2FT, the new remote slice I/O series, is a reliable, cost-effective and compact IO solution. Benefits: - Space-saving simple configuration - Reduce downtime and maintenance costs - Dedicated setting tool (Web server) - Detachable push-in type connector

BOX Data Logger

The BOX Data Logger NZ2DL is a standalone solution that allows data logging to a CF card. For more advanced applications the collected data can be forwarded to file servers or send by e-mail.
a powerful open network solution that links all of your Mitsubishi Automation products from PLCs to Robots, LV switchgear and of course remote I/O.