MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
Czech Republic
NZ2FT, the new remote slice I/O series, is a reliable, cost-effective and compact IO solution. Benefits: - Space-saving simple configuration - Reduce downtime and maintenance costs - Dedicated setting tool (Web server) - Detachable push-in type connector


Space-saving simple configuration

The NZ2FT Series slice type remote I/O module, equipped with 16 points, has a width of 11.5 mm. Up to 64 modules can be connected per station.

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs

Operation can be easily checked with dedicated LEDs, reducing maintenance costs. The slice I/O module also supports a hot swap function that enables module replacement with the power on, reducing downtime.

Dedicated setting tool (Web server)

Parameters can be set using GX Works3 or Web server, a dedicated setting tool built in a coupler module.

Detachable push-in type connector

Equipped with a push-in type spring clamp terminal block, wiring is easy just by inserting a ferrule terminal or bar terminal.