MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
Czech Republic
This compact frequency inverter offers exceptional performance and is ideal for hoist drives and high-powered machines where the torque can be used for regenerative braking.

Conserves energy, cuts costs

Featuring a large number of innovative technologies, this compact frequency inverter delivers exceptional performance and is ideal for hoist drives and high-powered machines with torque that can be used for regenerative braking. This includes a wide range of applications with vertical and horizontal movements such as conveyor systems, centri- fugal separators, testing machines, winding machines and so on.

The FR-A741 both reduces your initial investment outlay and keeps operating costs low. The integrated power regeneration function makes it possible to use smaller and much less expensive drive systems and enables simpler and more compact switchgear cabinet layouts.

High power saving potential

Cutting energy consumption and protecting the environment are now key issues in mechanical and plant engineering. Drive motors usually account for most of the power used and they also take up lots of space and require special cooling facilities. The FR-A741’s regenerative braking system makes it much more efficient than conventional drive systems, giving it the potential for significant energy savings.

Simpler installation

The integration of the frequency inverter and power regeneration system in a single unit reduces space requirements, making installation in the switchgear cabinet much simpler.

The combination of the integrated AC reactor and no need for an external braking unit eliminate a large amount of additional wiring. These inverters need up to 60 % less main circuit wiring and occupy up to 40 % less space than conventional solutions, depending on the output capacity. The result is significantly less overall cable lengths and switchgear cabinet space requirements.

Ideal for hoisting applications

The frequency inverters of the FR-A741 series are innovative and intelligent drive systems that can easily be integrated in complex applications. They are particularly well suited for tasks involving frequent cyclical acceleration and deceleration and in all applications where braking resistors are normally used.

Special crane programming functions are supported for easy integration in hoisting applications, including a special external brake control sequence, functions for load-based speed switching and four independent torque thresholds for all four quadrants.

Product highlights

  • Integrated power regeneration enhances energy efficiency
  • Much lower installation overheads, more effective system planning, simpler switchgear cabinet layout
  • High-end drive with a wealth of application functions
  • Lower TCO than conventional solutions