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Consumer trends versus companies’ environmental policies

19.05.20233 min read

Customers all over the world are becoming more and more eco-conscious and making their shopping choices based on the companies environmental policies.

Deloitte’s research (conducted pre-COVID and before the current emphasis on a green recovery) already showed just how important sustainability has become to consumers. In March 2021 Deloitte ran the survey again only to prove that sustainability remains a key consideration for consumers (with 32% of them highly engaged with adopting a more sustainable lifestyle).

Year by year, the shift towards making purchasing decisions on the basis of sustainability is more and more visible across the world.

The PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey, conducted last year, focuses on consumer purchasing habits and behaviors and shows how consumers have increasingly adapted to be more eco-conscious and digital in the last 6 months.

The rise of the number of eco-friendly consumers was accelerated by the pandemic. We have become more sensitive to the environmental impact of our shopping decisions.

What drives eco-conscious consumer behavior?

As per the study carried out by GlobalWebIndex in 2018, the main reason for choosing companies which put sustainability and carbon neutrality at the center of their strategy is their commitment to the future of the planet.

  • 80% – I care about the future of our planet
  • 79% – I think we should be more respectful of all living creatures and the environment
  • 62% – I think they are better for me/everyone’s health
  • 56% – I like to be a part of positive movement
  • 53% – I like being resourceful
  • 47% – I want to be a positive role model for friends/family

Regardless of the reason, companies are responding to this trend, Mitsubishi Electric included.

  • Mitsubishi Electric has been investing in heat pumps over the past decade and is seeing a lot more interest from heating engineers and plumbers who realise that oil and gas heating really are on the way out.
  • A switch to renewable, sustainable electric heating such as heat pumps is the next big step we can all take to replace carbon-intensive heating using gas or oil.
  • Mitsubishi Electric’s technologically advanced mini-split air conditioners and heat pumps can provide superior comfort, lower energy costs, zero emissions, and ultra-quiet heating and air conditioning in any climate.
  • Mitsubishi Electric is increasingly changing the perception that air conditioners are harmful for the environment with its diverse range of air conditioning solutions. It is known to offer products which exemplify the brand’s focus on sustainability.

At the end of the day, the adoption of these solutions is in the customer’s hands, but with their energy-efficient performance and sustainable innovation, the products offered by Mitsubishi Electric express our commitment to ensuring minimal effects on the environment

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