MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
Czech Republic

Mitsubishi Electric is constantly researching and applying the latest technology to its range of Factory Automation products. This inevitably leads to new product ranges and series being developed which bring ever greater benefits from increased operational life to new functions that simplify complex tasks. This natural design and development cycle means that there are sometimes older generation products which may still have leading performance and operability but are no longer the main product line offered by Mitsubishi Electric Factory Automation in Europe. These items now form part of our "Silverline".

The Silverline products are offered for as long as we can maintain stock availability. Service and support is offered for up to 7 years after, in the normal way. Of course as many existing users know, Mitsubishi Electric puts great emphasis on backward compatibility - please be assured one of our highest design criteria is how we can preserve and protect the investment of our customers in our Factory Automation equipment.

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Upgrade your Silverline products

The following list defines the latest replacements for Silverline products.

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