MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
Czech Republic

Automotive Manufacturing

In vehicle manufacturing plants that handle a vast number of parts and wide variety of processes, there is a need to solve various issues such as responding to mixed production of many different car models, improving production speed and quality, considering worker safety and engaging in environment-oriented initiatives.e-F@ctory helps provide solutions to the issues customers face by offering optimal solutions through forming common platforms and alliances with many different partners.

Our solutions for your vehicle manufacturing plant

Less stamping trials and tool changeover, improvement of energy efficiency
Improvement of the molding quality, lower defect rate, Automation of the press/fail judgement
Maintenance/management of the welding quality, Improvement of the operating rate/operational availability, energy-saving and cost-effective system
Uniformity of the painting quality, Improvement of the painting quality and energy efficiency
Less human errors and expansion costs, Automation of the pass/fail judgement
Improvement of the casting quality and Automation of the quenching inspection
Less tool costs, machining defects and cycle time, Prevention of equipment damage
Realization of traceability, Improvement of assembly quality, Preventive maintenance of robots, Less cycle time
Smaller and space-saving equipment, Improvement of productivity, Less downtime, wiring and cycle time, Realization of traceability